Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Pinch a Penny

As we experience daytime temps in the hot-as-Hades range, the cabin-fever-in-July phenomenon kicks in as we hide indoors in front of fans and window air-conditioning units while waiting for the next cold front to blow through bringing tolerable dew points and thermometer readings.

Just as in January when we have spent too much time stuck inside these four walls, we can see every little thing around the house that needs repair or is long overdue for updating. We also have time to ponder our wasteful ways, and dwell on how we may become more thrifty and make things last instead of replacing willy-nilly household items that can see much more use if properly taken care of.

Here are a few highlights from our new bible of  domestic making-do and perking-up.

Coming soon: Conch shell planter seminar chez NDL.  


Honeybee said...

Talk about too much time on your hands!! Those are things people did, I suppose, before the necessity of 2 income families and before they had time(like this)to waste on the internet!

Shaundra said...

Love it! I don't think I've given my toaster the credit it deserves up until this point.