Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Only 24 Shopping Days (less 6 hours across the pond) 'til Christmas

We have a new favorite blog. Smitten by Britain is the creation of an American who eats, sleeps, breathes, and, along with guest bloggers, writes about all things British all the time. A recent post highlights some of the best adverts on the telly this holiday season. This one for Morrison's features many of our favorite things, little British kids wearing wellies and jumpers and speaking in a most charming fashion, brussels sprouts, Christmas crackers and crowns, and a Dickensian feast.

And another. From Marks and Sparks. Look for Twiggy.

More favorite ads as chosen by Smitten by Britain here.


Mary B. said...

Way more entertaining to watch than commercials I see here in this country. Oh well.

Georgiann said...

I don't think they are that excited about snow in England today, judging by what I saw on the news tonight - well, maybe the kids are!!