Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Two projects in one week. We're on a roll.

Pillowcase making is a great way to use fun fabrics and gives almost instant gratification from just a small amount of effort.

The technique is the Hotdog Pillowcase pattern. We were going to provide you with a link to sewing directions, but after twice being taken accidentally to the internet equivalent of a bad neighborhood while looking for the best version, we gave up. You are on your own googling for it, or you can contact us for a print pattern to be delivered by non electronic means.

We can safely tell you that the fabrics are "spotted owl" Alexander Henry Fabrics collection and "Freebird" by MoMo for moda, and the "Colorful Christmas" collection by Mind's Eye/Riley Blake Designs. Cute and or/cool, Eh?


Mary B. said...

Cute AND cool. The fabrics are gorgeous and fun. Makes me want to get right to pillowcases but I am commited to the "napkin" project also "make-up" washclothes. Saw them at the Three Chimney Inn in N.H. Black washcloth and "makeup" was embroidered on the edge. Sold for 12.00 each. Crazy.

Jerilynn said...

Totally both. Very NDL.

wynne said...

I really want to learn how to make these Laura. They seem like something I could accomplish with my limited sewing skills, poor attention span, and love of fabric combos. Any chance I could get the walk over directions?