Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Cold is It?

So cold that even the household machines are complaining. (-20 F at its lowest.)

The boiler stopped twice which led to a service call that found nothing definitively diagnosible and an uneasy feeling as the mercury was dropping.

The microwave quit which led to two undercooked pansful of Ramen being poured down the drain which stopped up the pipes which led to a visit from Roto-Rooter.

The snowblower refused to go even with a team of experts called in for consultation which led to some aching backs and arms (and some very kind favors from neighbors - thank you).

The garage door decided not to close without manual help.

So far the sewing machine, computer, cars, oven, and refrigerator are hanging in there and the prediction is for a warming trend by week's end.

We'll be fine.


Little Lulu said...

Oh, boy, you have really had some annoying adventures these last few days.

Georgiann said...

seriously, all true??? WOW!!