Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Birthday Cake

The Deluxe Devil's Food Cake almost straight off of the side (we make chocolate frosting) of the Softasilk cake flour box is the cake for birthdays at the NDL household.

Boxed cake mixes were in heavy use in the early days when a 9x13 pan was toted to a ballfield, or the backyard, or a playground for lively parties with young and enthusiastic, but unsophisticated, cake eaters.

Over time the birthday boys have matured as have their palates. The celebrations have mellowed and party attendees are patient enough now to wait while a three tiered confection is sliced and plated and passed around the table, and are appreciative of the made-from-scratch effort.

The youngest turned 17 last week and the cake recipe was made and served for the umpteenth time to family who could be present, and to the faithful neighbors who have shown up three or more times a year for the last 24 years to partake in cake and share the moment. Our wish as the candles were blown out on this most recent birthday was that the lure of the cake will keep the birthday boys coming round on each of their special days, as often and for as long as possible.

Wherever they wander, wherever they roam, we hope they'll remember, there's no place like home.


wynne said...

I have a feeling that you've created a very simple and enduring tradition that will bring those boys home for their special birthday celebrations forever. Love that!

Honeybee said...

You've made it my favorite, too. Can't wait until next July (hint, hint) !!