Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shotgun Shells, Batman Smells*

While the men are off shivering in their tree stands waiting for that trophy buck to pass by, the womenfolk are convening and crafting. Many try hard to do it in a most green way recycling anything and everything that can be made into unique Christmas decor.

This year's version of the santa tree ornament made at a certain annual gathering of dedicated crafters should really appeal to all the uncles, nephews, sons, and husbands. A few of this group's many other past representations of the jolly old elf have started with spoons, walnuts, dried okra, keys, christmas tree bulbs, and milkweed pods. They're crafty and clever and surely already dreaming up Santa version 2011.

*Robin laid an egg,
Batmobile lost a wheel,
and Joker broke a leg.


Laural said...

These are sweet. I like the realistic looking beards!

Mary B. said...

They are cute.

Honeybee said...

They look dangerous, especially en masse.

Dawn Hansen said...

I'll bring African fabric scraps, do I get some?