Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season

For making and receiving handmade gifts.

If you want to make these snug slippers we can loan you the pattern from the Spinnern Yarn Company book.

Or if you have a little time between now and December 25and you want some other, possibly more up-to-date project ideas, STC Craft has free handmade holiday patterns for 14 different lovely things that would delight anyone finding one of them under the tree on Christmas morning.


Jerilynn said...

Slipper socks! How fun! I may have newly found an obsession. I am also liking the cowl, though, from the free handmade holiday patterns. What are you knitting now?

Honeybee said...

Make away, you and Jerisew(s)!! Do you need someone to receive??? Hmmm??