Monday, October 18, 2010

Everybody's a Winner

And the Pink Prize goes to......Georgiann. Congratulations! Your family and friends and NDL thank you all for doing the right thing.

To show our appreciation for entering and more importantly, having that mammogram, here is a link to a little free downloadable treat for everyone at Eat Drink, Chic. These sweet note papers, patterned after vintage hankies, were designed by Amy Moss for wedding guests to write love notes to the bride and groom. That is a great idea, but even if you're not planning a wedding anytime soon these could be used in any other number of fun ways. As a gift enclosure with a vintage apron and accessories for example. Or for a note to a loved one to say, "Thank you for having a mammogram - If I could have my boobs squished for you I would."

Take care.

1 comment:

Georgiann said...

WOW, now I can no longer say I never win anything!! Thanks for the fun contest!!