Sunday, October 10, 2010

Target Je T'Adore

No no, we haven't forsaken our favorite store. We are still in love with the big red bull's eye. We tried to be out in the fresh air enjoying nature over the summer months, but now that it is getting crisper outside and the garden is almost all buttoned up for the winter we can justify wasting time indoors again. There is no better (retail) place to idle away a few hours than Target.

Two great new designer lines sprang up on the shelves in our absence. See what happens when we stray with our affections? Poketo and John Derian, have highly contrasting styles, but are both very appealing.


double E said...

oooh...Pocketo. I love it! I just might have to put in an order for one of those colorful spotted bags to brighten up the impending Northern darkness.

double E said...

right, not Pocket-o, but Poketo.

Shaundra said...

Oh my! A certain bug-loving niece really likes those mugs! (hmmm...attempting to be subtle and failing)