Monday, October 4, 2010

Sedum and Chives

Tired of trying to get annuals to grow in this poorly thought out garage border every year, we filled it with perennials at dividing time last fall.

Alternating Autumn Joy sedum and Garlic Chives makes a soft green line-up of nicely contrasting foliage and flowers. The white chives bloom first. The sedum open to red as fall advances.

We often run out and grab a handful of chives to add to eggs or sauces. It never occured to us to make them the main ingredient in a recipe until we came across this article from the NY Times blog, Diners Journal.

The pretty flowers are edible too.


pvn327 said...

Lovely and delicious together. I'd love to get a garlic chive starter from you if there is anything you would like of mine?

Georgiann said...

I've got Autumn Joy Sedum along my back fence. I'm definitely going to intersperse garlic chives next year!