Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picture Postcard Perfect

We visited Copper Falls State Park right at the peak of the fall color show. The hike around the 1.7 mile Doughboy Nature Trail provided views of each of the falls from several vantage points.

Copper Falls has been a popular destination for vacationers and nature lovers for many years.



We always wished we had an interesting nickname. Just born in the wrong era it seems. These postcards were sent to the folks back home in Milwaukee and Illinois. One has the postscript: Vergesst nicht die Hühner zu füttern. (Don't forget to feed the chickens.)

2010 NDL


2010 NDL

It was a wonderful way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon with friends.


The Post-Modernist said...

I really can't say it enough NDL. You have the most fantastic EYE. Your photographs are all BREATHTAKING. Thanks for sharing the beauty that we unfortunately miss far too often.

You will always be MY NextDoorLaura

Love, NotSoYoung NeighborLady

wynne said...

These pictures are a perfect depiction of why we love fall so much. I wish I would have been with you all to experience it person. Headed to NC where fall lasts till Christmas. I'm excited! Wyn

Shaundra said...

Are the nicknames Pork Chops and Milk Bottles? I have trouble reading old fashioned script. Beautiful photos!

next door Laura said...

Yes, that's how they read. Mysterious, but seem to be nicknames for the couples. (Folks, parents maybe, and Blondie and Ernie) Other explanations? Code greetings perhaps? Inside joke?