Sunday, October 24, 2010

Riddle Me This

What do gnomes say when they first meet?

"Small world, isn't it?"

Which month do gnomes talk the least?

February. It's the shortest month.

Why did the gnome's dog jump into the river?

He wanted to chase catfish.

What happened when granny gnome bought some steel wool?

She knit a very scratchy sweater.

Why is it so hard to borrow money from gnomes?

Because they're always short.

Riddles compliments of a faithful reader whose inner kindergartner is one of her best attributes.


Honeybee said...

The supreme compliment ;>)

rachael said...

Could I please use this photo on my Facebook page to help find my stolen gnome? With credit, of course.

next door Laura said...

Certainly Rachel. Anything to help bring a stolen gnome home. Sorry for your loss.