Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fungus Among Us

Out in the back yard, behind the toolshed we have spawn innoculated logs that sporadically produce shiitake mushrooms. The logs came home with us about four years ago after we participated in one of the best community education classes ever. We have been enjoying the fruit of the logs ever since. Field and Forest Products, in Peshtigo, Wisconsin is a great source of information and supplies for mushroom growing. We are very intrigued by their TeePee Kits for growing Oyster mushrooms on (clean) rolls of toilet paper. (You've been warned.)

It is still exciting to discover a baby shiitake, watch it mature over a few days, then bring it right in and turn it into lunch.

Backyard, barefoot, glass of wine in one hand, mushroom picking with the other. That's our idea of hunting and gathering.


wynne said...

I can almost smell and taste these freshly harvested gems! In your own backyard with win? Perfect!

wynne said...

With wine? (poor iPad typist....)