Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Prize

So, those pink appliances reminded us that we have been hoarding a stash of pretty pink items just waiting for a good reason to part with them. So, to get in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness month let's have a pink prize giveaway.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and assure us that you have had a mammogram within the recommended timeframe for your age group...or that you have one scheduled. Honor system here. We will put all the commenters' names in a hat and pick a lucky winner.

We confess that we just recently went for our long overdue mammogram and we are familiar with the many excuses for not doing it. It is especially easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when there is no family history of breast cancer, but everybody has a story to tell of someone they know who mistakenly thought they were immune for the same reason, or who just thought it never could happen to them, but found out that it can.

So, let's review. Make the appointment or pat your self on the back for already getting it done. Leave us a comment with your report on that by Midnight CST Sunday, October 17. Check back next Monday to find out who the lucky NDL pink prize winner is.

If you are a reader who has never commented before please do. We'd love to hear from you.

If you think you don't need a pink kitchen ensemble, think: bridal shower, or think: help out a horder by taking something off the heap. If you think you don't need a mammogram, think again.

Pretty please?


wynne said...

Just did it and was relieved to get the clean bill of breast health. I'm IN!

Mary B. said...

Got a baseline when I was 38 and have had one everyear since. Will call today to make an appt. for this year. Thanks for reminding me.

Little Lulu said...

Had one last September, so I'm not too far out of sync. Will call Monday (leaving for the w/end before the office opens.) I do want to win the prize: Mary A. is always telling me to get a dog.

Georgiann said...

Ive had mine, so put my name in!! People keep bugging me to get a dog too!!

Honeybee said...

I had my annual one 6 months ago. Thanks for the reminder, though. Glad you got yours. I love seeing all those macho football players in pink lined caps, wrist wraps, shoes, jerseys. I'd love to see them do that more often. Pink is IN !! Put my name in. Thanks.

Linda said...

How cute. My playset was pink cardboard. Had the last few at Mayo in Rochester; they have the system. I'm up to date.