Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Can Quit if We Want To

It has been said that we have no sales resistance. Au contraire!

Look at all the tempting treasures that we passed up at a recent estate sale.

Well, Papa Smurf did somehow end up in our possession and we have to say it sure felt good to get a start on the Christmas shopping.


Honeybee said...

I went to that sale and the collecting "ability" of that family made me want to come home, slap myself, and rent a big dumpster. At least I came away with only one item, something immediately recycleable and useful: a garden rock!

Mary B. said...

Garden rocks ROCK!

Good job NDL at your resistance. I think that Smurf looks like someone I know.

Georgiann said...

well, I can see a number of items I would have taken home if the price was right!! good thing I live a far distance away from temptation!

Shaundra said...

The Hot Topper is horrifying! I like the owl collection though. And the coconut monkey and chip maker are both pretty funny.